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ENDOCEM Zr - MTA Endodontic Cement ESTHETIC (300mg Pdr.)


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ENDOCEM Zr - MTA Endodontic Cement ESTHETIC Description

ENDOCEM Zr is a next generation MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) with minimal discoloration and calcification.

Its physical properties include enhanced esthetics with a tooth color formula; excellent sealing property and biocompatibility; less discoloration; and decreased calcification, optimized for partial pulpotomy of anterior teeth.

Mixing ratio(P/L) = 300mg/0.14cc
Some issues may arise when using MTA for endodontic microsurgery and vital pulp therapy over time.
The first issue is that of compromised esthetics. There are numerous products that are alleged to be tooth colored formula MTAs which designed for use on anterior teeth. Many of these products do not meet expectations esthetically, as discoloration is seen on treated or adjacent teeth after clinical application.
Another issue is that of calcification. When vital pulp therapy is performed on anterior teeth using MTA, partial pulpotomy is often performed to ensure adequate thicknesses of MTA and the final restoration. When doing so, calcification of the root canal or pulp chamber ensues, problematic for future treatment.
ENDOCEM Zr is the most esthetic MTA with minimal tooth discoloration. It is the safest MTA that exhibits low grade discalcification of pulp chambers and root canals even long after partial pulpotomy therapy. Great handling properties in partial pulpotomy therapy of anterior teeth such as fast setting time, flowability, and radiopacity allow for meticulous sealing of long, narrow canals of anterior teeth.


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