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Minvalux Extraction Luxating Set


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Minvalux Extraction Luxating Set Description

It is possible nowadays to extract a tooth or a root and place an implant immediately afterwards, provided that the indications for this procedure are observed. In such cases, it must be ensured that the extraction is performed as atraumatically as possible. For this, the surgeon must have suitable instruments at his disposal.

MINVALUX instruments meet these demands fully.

The surgical procedure is as follows:

In order to divide the desmodontal fibres of the tooth or root that is being extracted without damaging the bony socket walls, use of an extra instrument in addition to the MINVALUX instru- ments is recommended. This is instrument no. 7756, a desmotome with a TRINOVO® instrument handle, which has a straight and a curved wor- king end.

Once the desmodontium has been divided, the surgeon uses the MINVALUX instruments in the following order:

No. 7708 and no. 7709 complete the preceding division of the desmodontal fibres and act as minimally traumatising elevators. 

No. 7710 is a similarly shaped but thicker straight instrument for stronger roots (canine, premolar or molar).

Instruments nos. 7748, 7749 and 7750: these instruments are slightly curved elevators of in- creasing diameter. For an optimal effectiveness, with the least possible trauma during dislocation of the tooth or root, the working end has a very sharp edge.

Nos. 7711 and 7751 (alternatively 7746 and 7747): these two lancet-shaped instruments can be used following use of instrument no. 7756. They can be introduced smoothly into the space between the bony socket walls and the vestibular and oral approximal surfaces of the tooth being extracted in the interdental space. 


SKU 7891
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